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No parabens, no artificial colors or fragrance, no phthalates, no petrolatum or mineral oils, no sulfates
Cruelty free - No animal testing

Proudly made in the U.S.A. from marine and botanical ingredients, sourced from around the world

SeaQuarius Products
The Sea's Influence
As Seen On TV

Ocean Skincare Products by SeaQuarius The Sea's Influence As Seen On TV

• SeaQuarius ingredients are natural and derived from the Oceans and Seas around the world.
• Powerful key vitamin and mineral nutrients proven to fight the visible signs of aging, clean thoroughly yet gently & soothe and smooth the skin.
• Best skincare formulas which are effective and safe for all skin types.
• Easy to follow 3 or 4 step System.

We do not believe in harsh, artificially created ingredients, over complicated regimens or unrealistic claims. We believe that healthy ocean derived ingredients will deliver healthy skin. Pure, natural, and skin-loving marine ingredients will treat you and your skin how you deserve. Get out of the bathroom and SeaQuarius will take care of the rest. Learn More:

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SeaQuarius ~ Your Natural Skin Care Solution:

- Clean and Purify Your Skin with Our Unique Marine Facial Cleanser

- Boost Healthy Collagen Levels and Hydrate with Our Ocean Algae and Hyaluronic Acid Sea Serum

- Nourish and Enrich Your Skin with our Omega Rich, Pure, and Natural Seaweed Facial Cream

- Protect Your Skin From the Harsh UV Rays of the Sun with Our Astaxanthin Skin Support Supplement

We Offer an Easy to Follow Three or Four Step Skin Care Routine.

Proven and Highly Concentrated Marine Active Ingredients with Key Vitamins for Healthy and More Beautiful Skin

Achieving and maintaining healthy, more beautiful skin can be elusive.

Now an effective and natural skin care routine is within reach.

SeaQuarius offers the best Skin care products and formulas which are effective for both Oily or Dry skin.

Learn what makes us different. Welcome and overview video from SeaQuarius
founder and co-product developer ~ Rick Fox

All SeaQuarius products are free of ingredients you do not want on or in your body.
You will not find harsh chemicals in our products.

Cruelty free - No animal testing
Proudly made in the U.S.A., from natural ingredients sourced around the word

Your Direct Source For Natural And Pure Ingredients ~ From The Sea!

Healthy Skin is no accident. It can, however, be generated and sustained through a thoughtful skincare routine. Our line of SeaQuarius, ocean derived skin care, can help you achieve healthier and more beautiful skin through proven, natural, and powerful results-driven ingredients. Now you can wake up to live your day looking and feeling younger, more beautiful and with healthy and nourished skin. Join us.

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