Sea My Skin - Premium Natural Astaxanthin

Whole Body, Free Radical, Antioxidant Protection.  

Bonus Step and well worth the proven health benefits of The AstaReal brand of Natural Astaxanthin. We just repack it and sell it for less.

Natural Astaxanthin is the most effective antioxidant known to science for quenching specific free radicals in the body.  Astaxanthin has the ability to optimize the health and radiance of the skin by protecting and supporting all skin layers from the inside out.  

  • Astaxanthin is a dark red natural pigment compound derived from microalgae.  It works its way up the food chain and is entirely responsible for giving the beautiful red and pink coloring to Flamingos, lobster, Salmon flesh, shrimp, and krill.
  • Natural Astaxanthin is a proven powerful ally to help prevent sunburn and skin damage, caused by UV radiation, over the entire body. 
  • Natural Astaxanthin is a powerful Antioxidant for global (over the entire body) skin protection from environmental assaults such as auto exhaust and other skin damaging air-borne pollution
  • Natural Astaxanthin helps to prevent the formation of and helps to diminish age spots and discoloration or freckles over the skin
  • Natural Astaxanthin, when taken as a dietary supplement, bioaccumulates in the skin and helps protect skin from damaging UV radiation
  • Natural Astaxanthin revitalizes photo-aged skin by quenching oxidative stress and inflammation in all skin layers. 
  • One of the world's most effective free radical quenching antioxidants
  • Increases skin smoothness and moisture levels
  • Improves elasticity in the skin by strengthening collagen, the primary structural support of the skin.
  • We offer Astaxanthin, even at a loss, to have the opportunity to introduce you to our topical line of skincare.
  • Decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin's texture
  • Note: Natural Astaxanthin is safe and effective.  There are synthetic versions of this natural compound on the market which must be avoided.  SeaQuarius Premium Natural Astaxanthin comes from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis and is in its purest form.

Size: 60 count (4 mg soft gels)

More than skin deep - Our Premium, Natural Astaxanthin reduces red blood cells oxidation. This oxidation has a high correlation with neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disease. If Astaxanthin is completely new to you, we urge you to embark on your own Astaxanthin research online.  Then come back to where you will find our Premium Natural Astaxanthin at an affordable price.

  • Supplement your health with 1 to 3 soft-gels per day. Take with some component of oil or fat in your food for proper absorption into the body.  For optimal results, we recommend at least 2 (4 mg.) soft-gels per day.
  • 4 mg. Natural Astaxanthin.     Label Ingredients: Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Gelatin (non-porcine), Astaxanthin, Vegetable Glycerine, USP Purified Water

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