FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

SeaQuarius Skincare FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Policy Questions

1.)  How do I redeem free shipping?  
Free Priority shipping will automatically be applied to any purchase at or over $50.00 in total.
2.)  What is your return policy?  We want you to love your skincare.  If you do not you have 45 days to return any product and we will cover the cost of return shipping.  The simple details are here


Frequently Asked Product Questions:

1.)  My skin is extremely sensitive.  Are your products suitable for me?  
Most likely, yes.  We use concentrated ocean-derived actives.  Occasionally the activity from these actives can be too much for very sensitive skin however it is a rare occurrence.
2.)  What is isotonic seawater?
Seawater that has the same salt and mineral concentration as cells in the body and human blood.  Isotonic seawater has the perfect ratios of elements so it has a true affinity for skin tissues and dermal cells.  
3.)  Should I wash my face prior to using the Micro Pearl and Pumice Exfoliator?  Yes, our exfoliator does not contain surfactants so you will want to apply it to a cleansed face, once or twice per week.  Our Sea Clean is the perfect cleanser to use prior to exfoliation.  

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