The Ocean's Gift to Your Beauty!


Softens the skin, removes impurities & improves skin radiance to reveal a fresh and clearer complexion. Features a patented, aerosol-free, foaming technology that delivers our seawater base plus natural moisturizers and cleansers into a silky, rich, and creamy foam.

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Lithothamnium Algae Extract

This calcareous algae consists of 95% mineral substance which helps to strengthen skin tissues. Found in the SeaQuarius "Sea My Eyes" formula.

Micro-Pearl & Pumice Exfoliator

Gently helps to remove the top layer of dead dermal cells while nurturing and moisturizing with sea minerals and exotic sea botanicals. Reveals a younger and more radiant complexion.

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The Sea Serum Collagen support formula

The SeaQuarius Sea Serum helps restore skin's youthful collagen density, minimizes the size and appearance of facial pores, fine lines, and wrinkles plus enhances skin's smoothness. Fragrance free formula.

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Discover the depths of beauty!

Exersize including ocean-swimming feeds the spirit and the seawater nourishes and helps purify the skin.

The Sea Cream

"My skin has been transformed. I have been using the Sea Cream for about a month and my skin is magnificent. The dry winter weather has nothing on me. I did as you recommended and have been using this wonderful cream on my arms and shoulders, neck, legs, pretty much everywhere and I feel like silk. Thank you."  ~Karen Coursen

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Ahnfeltia Concinna

This Red Marine algea provides skin-soothing and antioxidant properties to our Sea Serum.

Alaria Esculenta

The extract from this Kelp species nourishes, hydrates and reinforces the strength between the epidermis (surface layer of skin) and the dermis.


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