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Skincare from the Sea!


Why choose SeaQuarius Skin Care?
  • Chemical and cruelty-free formulas 
  • Safe, and results-driven natural ingredients help ensure your skin will Love SeaQuarius Skin Care.
  • Cleanse and purify, your complexion, without stripping the dermal layer of beneficial lipids.  
  • Support healthy collagen production to increase skin's firmness and elasticity.
  • Feed and nourish your skin with Omega-rich seaweed extracts, essential vitamins, antioxidants, and sea minerals.
  • Deeply hydrate and moisturize your complexion.  Lack of hydration is one of the primary causes of rough, dry, patchy, and uneven toned skin. 
  • Help to protect skin from damaging environmental assaults such as ultraviolet light exposure, auto exhaust, and other airborne contaminants we come into direct contact with on a daily basis.
SeaQuarius Skincare

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"Welcome to SeaQuarius at

Our passion lies in crafting small-batch, sea-derived formulas from natural, safe and effective ingredients.

We take great pride in knowing our unique skin care formulas help people achieve a more vibrant, healthy, and younger-looking complexion.

Powerful, results-driven, sea-sourced ingredients are the foundation of our skin care line. 

Maintaining and improving your skins health and vitality is our number one goal.

I'm at your service and only a click away."

Rick Fox SeaQuarius Founder


Let The Sea Take Care of Your Skin! 

Sea Clean by SeaQuarius


All SeaQuarius skin care formulas...

Are free of parabens, pthlates, and sulfates

Never contain artificial colors or fragrance

Never include endocrine disruptors, mineral oils, or other undesirable compounds


The Ocean Quartet by SeaQuarius 

SeaQuarius Skincare is swimming with carefully selected and concentrated Sea and Land extracts plus whole-food seaweed. 

5 years of initial focused technical development plus ongoing testing and research has yielded unique natural formulas we are proud to offer under the SeaQuarius name.

SeaQuarius Seaweed Firming Cream

The VERY BEST Ingredients the Sea has to offer...

Performance-driven skin care is our promise to you.

SeaQuarius Skincare on Cocoa Beach    

 We are proud to conduct our formula research and product manufacturing in the good ol' U.S.A.

Our Ingredients are thoroughly researched, tested, vetted, and sourced from the vast oceans and seas around the world.

Ocean Skincare SeaQuarius Ingredients


Ocean Skincare SeaQuarius  

The Sea has much to offer...we bottle it for you!

Clear, smooth, radiant, and more beautiful skin can be yours with our fresh from the sea and easy to use skincare formulas.

SeaQuarius ocean skincare testimonials 

SeaQuarius Happiness comes in salt water

Sustainable marine compounds are at the heart of all SeaQuarius formulas.  Nutrient-dense and exotic seaweed plus pristine deep-sea seawater are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner.  Eco-friendly cultivation is vitally important to us because the oceans and seas, of the world, are fragile environments.  "Do No Harm" is a creed we live by, daily.


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