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Ocean Skincare SeaQuarius 7 reasons to love us
  1. Cruelty-free natural Skincare formulas

  2. Safe, effective, and results-driven ingredients

  3. Cleanses and purifies, the skin, without stripping the complexion of beneficial lipids.

  4. Supports and maintains the appearance of healthy collagen production to increase the look of skin's firmness and elasticity

  5. Feeds and nourishes with Omega rich seaweed extracts, essential vitamins, antioxidants, and sea minerals. 

  6. Deeply hydrates and moisturizes.  Lack of hydration is one of the primary causes of rough, dry, patchy, and uneven toned skin.

  7. Helps to shield and protect the skin from damaging environmental assaults such as auto exhaust, and other airborne contaminants we likely come into direct contact with on a daily basis.
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Seaquarius skincare

"Maintaining and improving your skin's health and vitality is our number one goal at SeaQuarius.

Our passion lies in carefully crafting small-batch, sea-derived skincare from natural, safe and effective ingredients

No retail sales middleman means fresh, rich formulas direct from us to you.  We offer superior skincare products, without costly retail price markups, on our website and if you are not satisfied, returns are even free and easy.    

We take great pride in knowing our unique skincare formulas help both women and men achieve a vibrant, healthy, and younger-looking complexion. 

I'd love to hear from you.  I'm easy to reach and always at your service."  Click for contact options             

SeaQuarius Ocean Skincare Rick Fox

Let The Sea Take Care of Your Skin! 

The Sea Clean by SeaQuarius Skincare 



SeaQuarius Skincare No Harmful Ingredients


The Ocean Quartet by SeaQuarius 

SeaQuarius Skincare is swimming with results-drivencarefully selected and concentrated Sea and Land extracts plus whole-food seaweed. 
More than 5 years of focused product and formula development plus ongoing testing and research has yielded unique natural formulas we are proud to offer under the SeaQuarius brand.


SeaQuarius Youthful Aging Seaweed Firming Cream

Try the VERY BEST Ingredients the Sea has to offer...
Performance-driven skin care is our promise to you.



SeaQuarius Skincare on Cocoa Beach    
 We are proud to conduct our formula research and product manufacturing in the good ol' U.S.A.
SeaQuarius Ingredients are meticulously sourced from around the world and they have been thoroughly researched and tested, to be certain we are offering unique formulas your skin will love.
Ocean Skincare SeaQuarius Ingredients
Ocean Skincare SeaQuarius  
The Sea has a bounty of treasures...we bottle them for you!
Clear, smooth, radiant, and more beautiful skin can be yours with our fresh from the sea and easy to use skincare formulas.
SeaQuarius Happiness comes in salt water
Sustainable marine compounds are at the heart of all SeaQuarius formulas.  Nutrient-dense and exotic seaweed plus pristine deep-sea seawater are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner.  Eco-friendly cultivation is vitally important to us because the oceans and seas, of the world, are fragile environments.  "Do No Harm" is a creed we strive to live by, daily.
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    Try SeaQuarius Skincare and gain healthier and more beautiful skin for a lifetime.     

      The Sea Clean

      Features a patented, aerosol-free, foaming technology that delivers our seawater base plus natural emollients and surfactants into a silky cleansing and creamy foam. The Sea Clean softens the skin, removes impurities & improves skin radiance to reveal a fresh and clearer complexion

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      The Sea Serum

      The Sea Serum helps minimize the size and appearance of facial pores, fine lines, and wrinkles plus enhances skin's smoothness. Fragrance free formula.

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      The Sea Cream

      "My winter skin has been transformed. I have been using the Sea Cream for about a month and my skin is magnificent. The dry winter weather has nothing on me. Did as you recommended and have been using on my arms shoulders, neck, legs, pretty much everywhere and I feel like silk. Thank you."  ~Karen Coursen

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    9. SeaQuarius Founder's Son, Everett Fox

      SeaQuarius Founder Rick Fox


      The Sea was my first love...The Ocean was a familiar companion while growing up during the 1980's in Miami and the Florida Keys.  The natural chemistry of the alluring seawater healed, soothed and cleansed my skin.  It was peaceful and calming yet at the same time it was an adventurous thrill to be closely connected to the Sea.

      Rick Fox SeaQuariusPhoto: 1983 near Key West diving into the salty sea.     Our ocean adventures included snorkeling, water skiing, fishing, relaxing, and hanging out, on and under the waves.  This interaction with natural seawater had a positive impact on my physical health and mental outlook during these early years. The mineral-rich seawater of the Florida Keys imparted a healthy glow to my facial skin, cleared acne, and sped up the healing of cuts and scrapes on my body.  These skin-loving sea minerals intrigued my curiosity.  The connection with the sea calmed my attitude.  Being a teenager, in the early 80's, had its own challenges.  The Sea was my blissful escape. 



      Rick Fox snorkling

      Photo: Snorkeling in the Florida Keys, 1985

      Throughout history, the Romans, Greeks, and countless Island cultures have enjoyed the results, to the skin, from natural seawater with its healing and soothing properties. We too experienced these skin benefits first hand. Often, I would fill an empty two-liter coke bottle with deep Gulf Stream seawater, bring it home and pour this water over my head and face.  This was part of the morning shower routine.  The results, for my facial skin, were clear. The teenage acne lessened and at the age of around seventeen, I was determined to one day, share this special seawater.  The idea was, however, shelved for a quarter of a century.

      Islamorada Curtasea Shark Trip

      Photo: Coming into Islamorada, Florida after a shark tagging trip in 2012 aboard the Curt A Sea with the University of Miami Shark Tagging program. (kid shown was one of the participants aboard this trip)

      25 years later, the business finally came to life.  In 2013, after four exhaustive years of focused technical research and after working closely with marine biologists, oceanographers, and cosmetic formulators, we brought the Sea Clean Foaming and Purifying Facial Wash to the people. Our meticulous and collaborative efforts have resulted in a unique skin care product. The Sea Clean incorporates seawater along with its balanced sea mineral composition.  The Sea Clean is pure, safe, and effective for cleansing, soothing and bringing about a better complexion for your skin.

      Sea Clean by SeaQuarius Skincare

       Photo: Sea Clean - Foaming and Purifying Facial Wash  

      Currently we source our natural seawater through Biotech Marine, a leading French ingredient supply company.  Biotech Marine harvests the pristine seawater and gently refines it for shelf stability. We are left with pure, natural seawater. Our seawater is harvested from the deep-blue Gulf Stream current in the open Atlantic Ocean. 

      During the early years of ingredient research, I discovered the ocean has hundreds of natural, health-promoting and beautifying compounds, to offer, in addition to seawater.  Nutrients in the form of Omega fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides plus additional natural compounds are extracted from specially selected seaweeds and microalgae.  These nutrients are likely to have a positive impact on your skin's health. It has been proven these concentrated extracts, deeply hydrate, and nourish all skin types. The SeaQuarius Sea Serum and our Sea Cream have high concentrations of these ocean-derived nutrients to enhance your skin's natural beauty.  

      Ocean Quartet by SeaQuarius Skincare

      The brand name "SeaQuarius" was my father's suggestion and I quickly dismissed it as silly.  Soon after we came to realize "SeaQuarius" could be a unique identity with a meaningful story behind it.  The zodiac sign Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer.  In a similar manner as the water bearer offers this life-giving liquid we offer natural seawater.  Seawater is one of the base ingredients in the SeaQuarius Sea Clean Foaming Facial Cleanser, the Sea My Eyes Brilliance Cream, and the Youthful Aging and Firming Sea Cream.

      Sea minerals have collected in the oceans and in seawater for millions of years.  They originate from continental runoff, and minerals released into the seawater through undersea volcanism and hydrothermal vents.  Sea minerals truly represent the essence of the Earth.  

      Our mission, at SeaQuarius Skincare, is to remind you of your innate beauty as an adventurer and the creator of the life you pursue.  You are born with natural beauty, inside and out.  Your physical beauty can be nurtured through our gifts from the Sea.


       Four Guiding Principles at SeaQuarius Skincare  
      1. The Golden rule; "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
      2. We Work with passion and utilize smart technology and human resources to offer safe, results-driven skincare.
      3. We enjoy helping our friends and customers, without charging exorbitant price markups, to maintain healthy and radiant skin they can be proud of.
      4. We respect ocean resources.  We help the sustainability and health of the Oceans by sharing our time and talent with worthy marine related causes


      We Love the Ocean and work only with ethical marine ingredient suppliers. These organizations practice sustainable and environmentally friendly harvesting of sea resources and cultivating those resources, known as aquaculture.  We are proud to partner with these forward-thinking suppliers.  These business relationships are a high priority for us because our foundation is built on loving and working to protect the fragile Ocean environment.

      Along the way, we have enjoyed putting together inspirational quotes and imagery about the Ocean.  

      Your satisfaction is our promise to you and we back it with a 100% money back and generous 45-day guarantee.  We will even cover return shipping.  Learn more
      SeaQuarius skincare is small batch crafted in beautiful Cocoa, Florida and Congers, New York.
      Business office in Orlando, Florida
      Rick Fox SeaQuarius founder
      Satisfaction Manager/founder     

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