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SeaQuarius Is A Natural Skin Care Experience ~ Born From The Sea!


Skin-Loving, Sea-Derived Ingredients

Pure Seawater - SeaQuarius Ahnfeltia concinna extract SeaQuarius

SeaQuarius Seaweed Firming Cream  

Chondrus crispus extract

 Undaria pinnatifada extract    

Laminaria digita SeaQuarius Skincare


SeaQuarius Founder Rick Fox

Welcome To SeaQuarius!

"Crafting our natural, Sea derived and results-driven skincare is our passion and we take pride in knowing our skin care offerings are helping people achieve healthier, younger looking and a more vibrant complexion.

I am always at your service and only a click away"  Click here for contact options.  ~ Rick Fox (Satisfaction Mgr. & Founder)

 SeaQuarius Skincare - Golden Seaweed  

Natural seawater skincare SeaQuarius


Where the goodness of the sea meets your skin

Now you can enhance the health and beauty of your complexion through the power of natural, concentrated, anti-aging, and sea-derived ingredients. 

The Sea does the hard part . . . we bottle it for you.  

The Ocean hold s the key for beautiful skin

Clear, smooth, radiant and more beautiful skin can be yours with our easy to use skincare formulas, fresh from the Sea.  

Customer Testimonial

Skin-loving and nutrient-rich seaweed extracts including omega fatty acids, vitamins, sea minerals, and protective antioxidants are at the foundation of the SeaQuarius Skincare line. 

SeaQuarius Happiness comes in salt water

Sustainable marine ingredients, sourced from around the world, are at the heart of all SeaQuarius Skincare formulas.  Nutrient-dense seaweed and exotic, pristine seawater are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner.  Eco-friendly cultivation is vitally important to us because the oceans are extremely fragile environments.  "Do no harm" is a creed we live by every day.


SeaQuarius Skincare Dive Deeper

  • Chemical and cruelty-free natural ingredients help ensure you and your skin will love SeaQuarius Skincare.

  • Cleanse and purify your complexion without stripping

  • Support healthy collagen production to increase the firmness of your complexion.

  • Feed and nourish your skin with omega-rich seaweed extracts, vitamins, and sea minerals  

  • Deeply hydrate and moisturize.  Lack of moisture is one of the primary causes of rough, dry, patchy and uneven toned skin. 

  • Help to protect your skin from damaging environmental assaults such as UV exposure, auto exhaust, and other airborne contaminants.  

    Discover the Depths of Beauty!

      SeaQuarius Ocean Derived skincare
      "LOVE is a word we hear through 
      customer testimonials.   Why?  What makes SeaQuarius Skin Care different?  We expertly formulate, our skin care offerings, with natural and pure ingredients, so your skin will thrive;  no parabens, phthalates or sulfates - no artificial colors or fragrance - no endocrine disruptors, mineral oils or other harmful ingredients.   SeaQuarius is swimming with carefully selected, concentrated, and results-driven, land and sea extracts plus whole food seaweed.  Safe and effective skin care of the highest quality and performance is our guarantee to you.  We are proud to formulate and package our natural anti-aging and preventive-aging formulas here in the U.S.A."       

      Join us to help achieve and maintain healthy and more beautiful skin. 

      ~ Rick Fox (Satisfaction Manager and Founder)

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