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To Learn more click our video below where I discuss our seawater cleanser, our company story and our ocean skincare products from SeaQuarius. ~ Rick Fox, SeaQuarius Skin Care 

We are Ocean Lovers! We also Love satisfying the skin care needs of our demanding customers and friends by providing unique skin care products derived from the Sea!
"I have spent my teenage years and much of my adult life over and under the waters of the beautiful Florida Keys."
"I fell in love with the water. It was truly my Skin's Friend. The mineral-rich seawater cleared my acne and provided my skin with a soft and smooth texture. During my teenage years, I would fill a 2-liter coke bottle with Gulf Stream Seawater and pour it over my face during my morning shower. At the age of 17, I was certain that one day I would bottle this water and share it with the world. I wanted others to experience the health benefits of this special water. The seawater was just the beginning of my pursuit for effective and natural ocean ingredients which could benefit not only my skin but my health in general.
As the founder and co-product developer for SeaQuarius Anti Aging Skin Care, I have been searching and qualifying results driven marine ingredients to incorporate into our cosmeceutical formulas. This research has led us to work closely with Marine Biologists who specialize in discovering and researching the commercial applications for unique species of ocean life forms. We consult closely with Oceanographers who qualify the vital role the Oceans play in our daily lives. We provide support through proceeds from sales, as well as, our time and energy to these fields of marine research. In return, these experts aid us by providing knowledge on incorporating the very finest ingredients the sea has to offer into our dermal formulas.
Our biologically active Sea Serum and Sea Cream contain concentrated and specially chosen marine compounds. The sum is greater than the parts and we have developed products which have a multitude of preventive and anti-aging benefits in complete synergy with your skin. They are Your Skin's Friend! All of our marine ingredients are sourced in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner because first of all . . . . We Are Ocean Lovers!