The Sea's Influence

by Rick Fox

The Sea's Influence.

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Why does exotic sea life THRIVE in the Ocean?

Can humans benefit from this knowledge?

YES, we can.  The answer lies in "Perfect Equilibrium".

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It starts with SEAWATER, the foundation or the building block of life in the Ocean.  This incredibly complex solution surrounds and nourishes every organism which lives here. What is seawater? Here is one short answer.  "A complex mixture of dozens of naturally occurring sea mineral elements." The long answer easily fills a 300-page textbook. This was the very first topic presented in my "Introduction to Oceanography" class at Florida State University. Defining and discussing the correct answer to, "why does exotic sea life thrive in the ocean?" and investigating its impact on sea life, man, and the planet as a whole, took up a large portion of lecture time for the semester.

We started the investigation by learning about the Marcet Principle also known as the rule of constant proportions. This foundation of seawater science states; "regardless of how the salinity may vary from place to place the ratios between the amounts of the major ions (natural mineral elements) in the waters of the open ocean are constant." What does this mean in a less technical sense? Well, If you measure and determine the amount of Magnesium in a particular sample of seawater, for instance, as well as the percentage of Potassium, you can then extrapolate with accuracy the levels of other major elements present. In other words, by knowing the proportion of just two of the major elements to each other, we can then determine the levels present of the remaining major elements in that sample of seawater. They are in Perfect Equilibrium. This proved to be such a remarkable concept that I reminded myself, of a couple years earlier, when I was swimming in the ocean on a daily basis, and declared, "One day I will share this special, Florida Keys, seawater so others can benefit as I have." That day came more than 20 years later, as we decided to pursue with high integrity and passion, this business of skin health and beauty.

Happiness is blue seas and white sand

The Ocean provides humans life-giving mineral nutrients, not only directly from the seawater, but also from exotic seaweeds which concentrate these mineral nutrients. Concentrated sea minerals, naturally present in seaweed are made bio-available inside of these marine plants.  The living cells of seaweed and marine algae transform "metallic" minerals into a more readily absorbed form of organic minerals.  

Marine Biologists believe the Perfect Equilibrium of the major ions or mineral elements present in seawater is in part responsible for sea plant's robust nature and ability to thrive in the Ocean.

Seaweed in SeaQuarius skincare products

Seaweed and marine algae manufacture and concentrate additional natural health compounds, which our skin cells thrive on, such as amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and omega fatty acids. Seaweed extracts contain high levels of these compounds and when these extracts are properly formulated into skin care products they will have a positive impact on preventive, as well as, anti-aging skin health.

More information on these natural compounds from seaweed and micro-algae plus how these sea-derived nutritional components add to your skin's health and vitality will be coming in future entries to the SeaQuarius Blog.

by Rick Fox

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Are you an Ocean Lover? If so, what draws you to the ocean? Is it the exotic sea life? The seawater itself or something else entirely?

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