The Surprising Benefits of Exercise for Your Skin

The Surprising Benefits of Exercise for Your Skin

January 21, 2016


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Rick FoxYou know it helps you feel younger, and the health benefits are real; but did you know that physical fitness can actually make you look younger too? Stress has been proven to speed up the aging process and take a toll on the body in the form of wrinkles and loose skin. Simply put, stress wears your body out and damages your skin.

By exercising for a minimum of fifteen minutes per day, you have an impact on reducing tension in the body plus calming endorphins are released into the bloodstream. It feels great. Raise your heartbeat through exercise and you will feel a true sense of calm and peace afterward. You are also promoting strong blood circulation which is an important component of keeping skin vitalized and collagen healthy - in turn keeping skin firm and young looking.

There are additional youthful benefits to your skin from exercise. You will rid your body of toxins by sweating them out. These toxins are believed to promote the speed-up of aging cells and sweating out toxins will help more youthful skin to flourish.

Added bonus: When you exercise regularly, you may drink more water and keeping properly hydrated is essential to look and feel your best.  (Related post on the SeaQuarius Blog: Have a Drink On Me! 5 Advantages Of Drinking Water In The Morning)  

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