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The Sea is Life at SeaQuarius Skincare

The Ocean Trio is a simple to use, three-step skincare system, bundled for your shopping convenience. 

Cleanse, Nurture Healthy Collagen, Nourish, Hydrate, and help to Protect your complexion from the harsh environment.

The links below will take you to the Ocean Trio product descriptions plus benefits to your skin and customer reviews.  

1.) The Sea Clean Foaming & Purifying Facial Cleanser


2.) SeaQuarius Sea Serum Collagen Support Formula


3.) The Sea Clean Foaming & Purifying Facial Cleanser

SeaQuarius Ocean trio Directions for use


The Pearl and Pumice Exfoliator has arrived.  Add it to the Ocean Trio to refine the skin by removing the dead surface layer.  Gently removing dead skin from your complexion allows the Sea Serum and Sea Cream to penetrate the dermal layers more fully.

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The Ocean Trio Skincare System - $99.85

Customer Reviews

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Joanne Mays
Silky smooth just as promised.

So happy I found your products. These three, the Trio, have made me smile. My face is like silk to my husband's touch. Thank you for making these and not charging an arm and a leg. :)

Great value

I have been using these three for the past year and my skin is glowing, clean and fresh. I have been a la mer user for years and these products give me similar benefits without the high cost. A great value. I never give a 5 star rating since I always believe their can be some incremental improvement however the ocean trio gets my vote.

Thank you for letting us know, Kim. We have taken much inspiration from La Mer however as you mention we left the prestige pricing out. We are going to keep striving to one day get a full five stars from you :)

Kim Ridley Workman
Great Products!

These skin care products are sensational and will leave your skin feeling healthy and renewed. The Sea Cream goes on smoothly and feels very light on the skin. It absorbs quickly and my face instantly feels hydrated and smooth. I was suprised to find how little of the product I needed to use on a daily basis...a little really goes a long way. This has definitely become my favorite daily skin product and paired with the Sea Serum and the Sea Clean, this is an amazing trio of skin products.


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