How SeaQuarius Works

Our unique skincare formulas work in synergy with each other to protect and feed your skin with nutrition from the sea.

Natural marine extracts go to work to improve the function of your skin by providing it with natural sourced ocean elements it craves to become and remain more healthy.

SeaQuarius single products stand their own to provide unique results-driven benefits.  However, when used as a skincare regimen, one following the other, they compliment the effectiveness of each other

CLEAN, ENHANCE, NOURISH, REPAIR (the delicate eye area and over the entire face).

Begin with our natural olive, coconut and seawater Sea Clean formula. The deep Atlantic Ocean seawater provides gentle cleansing and purifying action through a bounty of skin cleansing sea minerals.

Step 2.) Our Sea Serum when applied to a properly cleansed face provides collagen-boosting properties, hydrates, soothes and smooths the appearance of fine surface lines and wrinkles.  Most noticeable results appear with continued use over three to four weeks.

Step 3.) Your skin will soak in the concentrated nutrition available in the SeaQuarius Sea Cream formula. Essential vitamins as well as omega fatty acids derived from specially chosen seaweeds and micro marine algae provide much-needed nutrition.  The Sea Cream helps to achieve healthier and more beautiful looking skin. 

Step 4.) The SeaQuarius Sea My Eyes formula is highly concentrated with skin-repairing marine and land-based ingredients. This formula effectively helps to decrease dark areas under and around the eyes and diminishes the appearance of creases or crow's feet. It brightens and lightens through the active ingredients found in Trans-Resveratrol, a high dose of Vitamin C and DNA repairing marine enzymes.

Step 5.) A bonus Step and well worth the clinically proven results. We round out the program with our "Beauty From Within" soft-gel supplement of clinically proven Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is one of the worlds most powerful free radical quenching antioxidants and it directly impacts the health of the skin over the entire body by halting the damaging skin reactions which are caused by environmental pollution as well as UV (Sun) radiation. I have been supplementing my skin health with natural Astaxanthin since 2009 and appreciate the many benefits I receive from this amazing compound. ~ Rick Fox (Founder and Service & Satisfaction Mgr. for SeaQuarius skincare)



The SeaQuarius line of marine skincare has been developed with care and pride in the U.S.A. SeaQuarius Made in USAwith ingredients sourced from around the world.SeaQuarius Global Ingredients