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SeaQuarius - Swim in the Sea of Life!

The Ocean Quartet is a simple to use four-step, skincare system, bundled for your shopping convenience.

Cleanse, Nurture Healthy Collagen, Nourish, Hydrate, help Protect from the harsh environment, and Brighten the appearance of your complexion.

Your complexion will love the synergistic anti-aging benefits of the SeaQuarius Ocean Quartet

Click individual formulas, listed below, where you will find product descriptions plus benefits to your skin and customer reviews

1.) Sea Clean Foaming & Purifying Facial Cleanser

2.) Sea Serum Collagen Support Formula


3.) Sea Cream Youthful Aging & Firming Formula

4.) Sea My Eyes Brightening Recovery & Repair Formula



SeaQuarius Ocean Quartet Directions for use


Add the  Pearl and Pumice Exfoliator to the Ocean Quartet to refine the skin by gently removing the surface layer of dead, rough skin.  Removing dead skin cells allows our Sea Serum and Sea Cream to penetrate up to 70% better. 

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The Ocean Quartet Skincare System - $144.80 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Laurie J Nelson
Fresh and Clean

I have been searching for Facial products that perk up my dry skin. This ocean skincare set is wonderful. The eye cream is so soothing. I do prefer a creamy cleanser but am satisfied with the foamy. I had two small rough patches, one on my nose and one on high cheek area. After one month they have flaked off and my skin is healthy there now. Honestly it took me by surprise! After applying the sea serum I rub my hands together and now my hands are looking better. Just to compare for first time users, my skin was very dry and now it feels soft.

Hello Laurie.
Thank you for your review. It is very much appreciated :) ~ Rick Fox

Sherri DeWolf
Ocean in a Box!

I love this entire set of products! I get mine shipped to Canada and the personal touch and speedy delivery can't be beat! Rick is passionate about his product and happy to help in any way. Whenever I do my daily morning and bedtime facial cleansing/moisturizing routine these products make me feel like I'm back at the ocean. The cremes are light and the citrus smell makes my face feel refreshed, as though I just came in from a swim in the waters of the Florida Keys--and we all know how great our skin feels after being in the ocean! I feel good knowing that these natural ingredients and the healing powers of the ocean are applied to my skin now every day--even when I'm away from the sea. I love the packaging as well. The containers are easy to use and an excellent size for travel. You can also open up the containers to transfer them into even smaller sized containers if you're limiting your liquids! This set is the best value and the prices can't be beat--even with Canadian exchange. The products last a good amount of time as well. I've been through my whole first "Ocean Quartet" order and just replenished it and still have only used about 1/4 of the facial wash. Try it for yourself! You won't be disappointed! Thanks again, Rick and SeaQuarius Skincare! You bring the ocean to me, when I can't be there myself!

Pat D.

This results frim this quartet of products is far more than I evet ecpected. The Sea Clean leaves my skin clean and refreshed without any feeling of dryness. The Sea Cream moisturizes my skin to silky smoothness and the Sea Serum is a miracle lifter and deminisher of fine lines and wrinkles. Sea My Eyes brightens areas around your eyes or any other areas on you face and neck that are dull. Together these products have changed my skin tone, firmed, restored and cleared any dark areas of concern that I had...It is truly a beautiful "Gift" from the Sea. If you don't or even if you do live by the ocean, SeaQuarius products will only exemplify your beauty front not just within but also on your outside appearance....try it for 6 weeks and you will be amazed at such a wonderfully drastic improvement you will experience...♡

Valeria McCall
Great and Healthy Skincare

I was impressed with this line just in the first use!. Super concentrated products and a little goes a long way. My skin felt clean and smooth. My skin feeling softer and I did not have any irration as I have with other skincare line Overall a great and easy skincare routine. I also am taking the Astaxanthin Dietary Supplement. Customer Service was and Rick very personal. Fast delivery as well.

Princess (SEA Your Beauty)
Simple & Effective & Attractive (SEA)

Being an Esthetician, I am always looking for skincare products with the ease of use and very effective at the same time. I really like the "Ocean Quartet" combination as they work very well together. I love the fact that these products' ingredients are derived and harvested from our beautiful Ocean.

The simple packaging is attractive to both women and men.

I also would like to mention how great the customer service is. Mr. Rick is really hands on and is sensitive to any issues that arise. He goes out of his way to fix it if he can and is passionately knowledgeable about all his products.

I sincerely wish SeaQuarius continued success in the Beauty industry for years to come.

With Gratitude Always!